Focuz 3D

At Focuz 3D Images, art meets technology when we transform your ideas into beautiful 3D images - all captured inside sparkling optical crystal!

Our talented designers use 3D imaging technologies created for the motion picture industry to transform logos and other artwork into complete 3D images. Utilizing the latest sub-surface laser engraving technologies, these images are then engraved inside one of our many stunning optical crystal keepsakes.

Quality - When you commision a project with us, you may be assured of our complete responsibility for timely shipment. We carry a complete and substantial inventory of all optical crystal items. We ensure total quality control from start to finish.

Variety - No one wants the same old thing, year after year. That's why we make a substantial inventory investment in over 75 different and unique pieces of optical crystal. Whether you want a traditional cube or something unique and "one of a kind", we can accommodate your needs.

Speed - Put simply, we are built for speed! Our laser engravers are the fastest available, and are capable of engraving hundreds of pieces at one time, operating unattended day and night. We can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you have a large order and aggressive deadlines, call us!

At Focuz 3D Images, we consider it our privilege to be your supplier, and are committed to nurturing our relationship by reliably and affordably delivering a stunning product, on time every time.